Blood Glucose Meter To Check Diabetes

At present, the majority of people with diabetes have used the accu chek lancets, while Blood Glucose Monitoring System is not applicable in the screening or diagnosis of diabetes.

On the other hand accu chek lancets is an important tool to assess diet, exercise and drug treatment in order to achieve the important goal of glucose control. Especially for the patients who are taking insulin or oral hypoglycemic, it is necessary to use Blood Glucose Test Monitor to monitor their blood sugar not go to too high or too low.

In the clinic, it is found that the wrong operation and the technical errors in the Blood Sugar Testing which are resulting from patients who are willing to self-monitor blood sugar can be perfectly corrected by the brochures or the relevant technical personnel or the professional doctors.

However, based on 2009 American Diabetes Association recommends diabetes blood glucose control goals are: fasting blood glucose between 90 ~ 130 mg / dL, two hours after a meal blood sugar is less than 180mg/dL and glycosylated serum protein is less than 7% .Its sample is the blood of the plasma does not contain red blood cells, non-portable Blood Glucose Meter Kit need to use the fingertip capillary blood.

The correct interpretation of the difference, perhaps because of commercial considerations or lack of professionalism, they have been intentionally or unintentionally ignored. Therefore, the accuracy of portable accu chek lancets and the numerical representation are always concern for some diabetics. Part of the diabetes may also be misled; therefore, it fails to reach optimal blood glucose control targets.

Generally speaking, fasting capillary blood glucose is only slightly higher than the venous blood glucose of about 2 ~ 3 mg / dL, as a result of differences in the same Hsiao Ke. After dinner, when capillary blood glucose may be higher than the venous blood glucose up to 20 ~ 70 mg / dL, the hospital medical testing in patients with elbow forearm venous blood obtained after centrifugation as “venous plasma,” the use of portable blood glucose meters patient fingertip capillary blood obtained from the “capillary whole blood”, plasma glucose value was higher than the whole blood glucose value of about 10 ~ 15%.

First understand the concept of a different time (fasting or after a meal) in different parts of the (arterial, capillary or venous) blood samples collected from different nature (including mined by capillary or venous whole blood red blood cells, blood plasma after centrifugation does not contain red blood cells) obtained the value of both the difference in blood glucose. The conclusions of the above the technical level, the concept of diabetes should be as follows: using blood glucose meter blood glucose values measured at fasting with roughly 10 ~ 15%, minus the rough at dinner time 17 ~ 63 mg / dL, values obtained with the the hospital may be more close to the measured blood sugar.

Portable blood glucose meters available in the market variety, detection principles are not the same, some of the brand advertised as a blood glucose value has been fixed. However, because changes due to too much, even if the exclusion operation and environmental factors, the patient itself is the blood hematocrit, hypotension, hypoxia, high triglycerides, high or low blood sugar condition, still could lead to deviation of Blood Glucose Monitor values.

The use of portable blood glucose meter diabetes blood glucose self-monitoring of blood glucose control for the achievement of objectives and to avoid low blood sugar occurs extremely helpful. But it must be regularly measured value of blood glucose meters and hospital laboratory values than the right to amend in order to avoid misjudgment of blood glucose occurrences.

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